Welcome! Please Read Me First

Hello and welcome to the Family Circles Forum!

This is going to be the best way to get in contact with the creator of Family Circles if you find any bugs or have any questions. Feedback about what can be improved or what you’d like to see can also be put here for our perusal. We will be keeping a close eye on the forums that pop up here and will do our best to respond promptly should anything be directed towards us.

We would also encourage sharing whatever you happen to create on Family Circles with each other (only if you want to, of course). Talk about genealogy, talk about families, and just share your experiences with Family Circles. You can even share links with each other to genealogical database sites if you’d like; we just really want to encourage an environment where people feel comfortable sharing with each other and where people are having fun going through history using our unique way of making family trees.

Right now we don’t have many set categories because we’re not really sure what will pop up. The only set ones we do have are the Site Feedback section and the News section. If you have any any comments or questions about Family Circles for us then that will ideally get posted in the Site Feedback forum. The News forum isn’t a forum that can be commented on, but it does have the update/patch information for each new iteration of Family Circles so it’s not something to completely ignore. As time goes by we may make more categories for ease of navigation, but for now feel free to make any topics that aren’t directed towards us in the Uncategorized section.

Please enjoy this forum, and we hope you get plenty of use out of it!